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In relation to the elements of the Main Ecological Structure, it is the modification of the characteristics or dynamics of an ecosystem or the endowment with structures, that allow its use according to the established regime, optimizing its environmental services and harmonizing its operation within the urban or rural environment.

Restriction imposed on one or more specific properties, which is a limitant or prevents the obtention of planning licenses, because of the construction or expansion of a public work, or for reasons of environmental protection.

These are areas characterized by grouping of productive units dedicated to a specific economic activity in which it is possible to act integrally to boost agglomeration economies and increase productivity.

It refers to "the use of biodiversity and ecosystem services to help people adapt to the adverse effects of climate change." The Ecosystem Approach to Adaptation can include sustainable management, conservation and restoration of ecosystems as part of an overall adaptation strategy that takes into account multiple social, economic and cultural co-benefits for local communities.

They are strategies that allow to promote the development of real estate projects that integrate Social Housing and / or Priority Housing through a series of incentives for their incorporation.

Actions that must be carried in order to minimize any collateral negative affects on public health, the environment or the urban structure, due to the implementation of an urban land use.

Volumetric element of each building that together with others forms an inner courtyard in the city block. Corresponds to the horizontal distance, between the rear face of the building and the rear boundary of the building.

Volumetric element between neighboring buildings that adjoin laterally to illuminate and ventilate, both the internal spaces of the buildings and the open spaces, public or private, of the surroundings. Corresponds to the horizontal distance, between the side of the building and the lateral edge of the building

Administrative decision and urban action of the District Administration, related to the ordering and intervention in the use and use of the land.

Management procedure and execution, guided by the territorial planning ordinance, which implies a concrete process of transformation of the soil or its infrastructure, or a modification of the specific uses of the land.

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