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8. What are the stages of a project under development and / or under urban renewal treatment?

All projects under development or Urban Renewal treatment advance in two stages: Formulation and Development. 8.1 FORMULATION STAGE During the formulation phase studies are carried out to determine the technical, economic and social feasibility of the project. These studies include: urban study (current conditions of the area subject to intervention), survey of public service networks, topographic survey, benchmark, title study, market study, socioeconomic characterization, urban modeling and financial modeling. If the project to be developed is in urban expansion land, or in urban land with development treatment with an area equal to or greater than 10 hectares of urban developable area, or under renovation treatment in the redevelopment modality, the formulation and adoption of a Partial Plan (Neighborhood plan), an instrument of planning by which the urban guidelines that guide the intervention are defined, as well as: specific urban norms, the layout and characteristics of the public space and the road network, the location of facilities and the adoption of soil management instruments. 8.2 DEVELOPMENT STAGE During the implementation phase, the following activities are carried for the physical realization of the project: studies for land acquisition, land acquistion, technical studies, architectural designs, urban and landscape designs, application for planning and construction licenses, execution of site works.

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