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Sitio Web Empresa de Renovación y Desarrollo Urbano - ERU

Solapas principales

Page title that will be used on the sitemap page.

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Define a message to be displayed above the sitemap.
Sitemap content
When enabled, this option will include the front page in the sitemap.
Menus to include in the sitemap
Vocabularies to include in the sitemap
Front page
Menú de cuenta de usuario
Pie de página
Navegación principal
Menú Secundario
Redes Sociales Footer
Tipo de Proyecto
Tipo de documento
When enabled, this option will show titles. Disable to not show section titles.
The RSS feed for the front page, default is rss.xml.
Specify how many RSS feed links should be displayed with taxonomy terms. Enter "-1" to include with all terms, "0" not to include with any terms, or "1" to show only for top-level taxonomy terms.
Select this box if you wish to load the CSS file included with the module. To learn how to override or specify the CSS at the theme level, visit the documentation page.
When enabled, hidden menu links will also be shown.
When enabled, this option will show the vocabulary description.
When enabled, this option will show the number of nodes in each taxonomy term.
Specify how many levels taxonomy terms should be included. Enter "-1" to include all terms, "0" not to include terms at all, or "1" to only include top-level terms.
Only show taxonomy terms whose node counts are greater than this threshold. Set to -1 to disable.